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Blog banners 2012

  • Banner April 22
    These are the blog banners I've made for the blog. I love making them, so i like to change it up often!

CLASS Index Card Album

  • This is a closer-up view
    In this class, you're going to make an album that is about 11 inches tall and 9 inches wide. You'll be attaching all sorts of index cards inside. I love making "index card layouts" so if you decide to join me in making these fantastically sized layouts, you'll have an great album to store them in. If you have any questions of any kind, ask them! I answer them all!

CLASS: Mail Art

  • this is the stamp you're all getting inside your kits
    This class is all about a canvas envelope, included for you in your kit, SEWN by ME so it is far far far from perfect! You'll be painting, gluing altering and doing a couple of gel medium transfers. Have fun and email me any questions you may have!

CLASS: Stranded Angel Album

  • The finished album
    In this class, you will make a "wing" shaped (front cover only) album to keep or give away a gift! You'll be doing mod podge transfers, cutting and gluing and making a unique and beautiful "Angel Wing" album. Have fun and remember, ask any questions you may have!


  • EVIDENCE Album
    all the kits, handmade albums, and all sorts of other product I have FOR SALE!

layouts start sept. 09

  • Girls
    a brand new collection since Sept. 2009






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